Life-Sized Tommy Lasorda Bobblehead is a Showstopper at Dodgers Spring Training

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The Los Angeles Dodgers are attempting to make their spring training home at Camelback Ranch actually feel like home.
Now, while they can’t instruct their fans to show up an hour late to games, Dodgers Senior VP of Planning and Development Janet Marie headed up plans to make the stadium experience more LA. According to Think Blue LA, this includes a replica Dodgers scoreboard, retired numbers, and a logo sculpture.
Maybe it’s because I’m not a Dodgers fan, but I wouldn’t go bonkers over how authentic the scoreboard looks. However, I would probably take a million selfies with the one attraction not mentioned above—the life-sized Tommy Lasorda bobblehead. It’s easily the best thing to ever hit a spring training facility.

Tommy himself examined the work of art last March and described it as “a dream.” You can see that meta-moment in the video below:
[mlbvideo id=”31736257″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /]
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