Best of 2014: Tommy Lasorda


The Los Angeles Dodgers may have disappointed once again in 2014, but you know who represented the team like a champion off the field? The magnificent Tommy Lasorda.

Honestly, this guy is a freaking superstar—everywhere he goes people absolutely melt at his feet, drooling until they get that coveted selfie. And because Tommy is awesome, he often gives the people what they want no matter the location (Buffalo Wild Wings, Cooperstown, holiday parties, etc.).

I also have massive respect for the man’s diet. You’d think an 87-year-old man would shy away from fried stadium foods, but not Tommy. Hot dogs? Hell yeah. Wings? Give him 20. Ice cream? F—k yeah, gotta cool down after having wings.

This hot chick magnet deserves some sort of trophy for these off-field escapades, because I’m pretty sure there is nothing he didn’t do in 2014.