Joel Embiid Still Jonesing for Rihanna on Twitter

Can someone find 76ers center Joel Embiid a lady already? This cat has been thirsty since getting drafted into the league, yet he’s still single. I personally don’t get it; the guy hasn’t played a single game all year but he’s still an NBA player, so you’d assume he’d have at least five jersey chasers in his contacts by now.
Today, he continued his public lusting for Rihanna by wishing her happy 27th birthday on Twitter. In typical Embiid form, he also included a photoshopped picture of her cheering for him in his Kansas days.

If you pay too much attention to Twitter like me, you’ll notice Joel is once again touting Giorgios—his restaurant of choice when he first asked her out over the summer:

You have to hand it the man, he’s about as consistent as they come in terms of celebrity gawking. But unless he befriends Leonardo DiCaprio, I don’t see this coming to fruition for him.
And in case you’re unaware of this one-way relationship, here’s a trip down memory lane:

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