Clips Fan Is A Complete Embarrassment To Free Throw Shooting

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Free throws are hard. You don’t have to look any further than Thursday night’s Los Angeles ClippersSan Antonio Spurs game for proof of that fact.
Gregg Popovich went full Belichick to exploit the one chink in DeAndre Jordan’s armor—his free-throw shooting. And for the most part, it was a resounding success as Jordan went 10-28 from the stripe before Doc Rivers finally relented late in the fourth quarter.
But it wasn’t just the Jordan who tanked at the line. As you can see above, some poor chap in a Chris Paul jersey was plucked out of the stands to shoot away for a prize. Only one problem—dude had a disastrous looking push shot that yielded anything but positive results. It’s so bad the female emcee in a scandalous Paul jersey dress starts begging the guy to just make one.

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