Jameis Winston Is Just Chunky



Maybe the theory that Jameis Winston really is a fat ass who is a cup of garlic butter sauce away from blowing up your NFL franchise is legit. We now know that Jameis’ Combine weight was 231, which isn’t a huge number for a big 6’3″ frame, but there is concern when you think about where Winston was when he went to San Diego to train with George Whitfield.


Jameis Winston started pre-combine training in San Diego at 248 lbs. Has been training with Prolific Athletes trainer Ryan Flaherty. Worked.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) February 19, 2015

Quick math: Jameis dropped 17 pounds just to get to that decent Combine number. JaMarcus Russell checked in at 6-5½ and weighed 265 pounds during the 2007 Combine.

As I’ve said time and time again, I don’t necessarily want quarterbacks to have a washboard abs or look like Cam Newton in an Under Armour commercial. However, you might want to have a little self-control. If Jameis ballooned to 248 after the holidays, he might not have much control at the seafood buffet. It’s an issue Tampa must address.

Of course this photo of Crab Legs is deceptive considering he has a cord pulling at his waist.



There’s another guy we can compare Jameis to in the weight department: Matthew Stafford. They have similar body types. Stafford checked in at 6’2″ and 225 pounds and that was after plenty of Georgia draft beer parties. Then he bloated up in 2011 during the NFL lockout.