Malcolm Butler Hosting a Party in Las Vegas

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Malcolm Butler is profiting big time from the interception of his life at Super Bowl XLIX (as he should be). The former Popeyes employee turned Boston hero traveled from Arizona to Disneyland to Boston in the span of like three days, but he’s not done yet.

Butler’s headed to The Strip to host a party at the Chateau in Paris Las Vegas on Saturday. More deets from the Las Vegas Sun:

The surprise interception is the weekend party for New England Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler, who will celebrate Saturday night at Chateau in Paris Las Vegas last Sunday’s incredible, last-minute, Super Bowl 49-winning interception against the Seattle Seahawks. Nobody expects Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson to jet in for another tangle at the goal line.

What are the odds Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman crash this thing? I mean, you see rooftop party and kind of just assume that is right down Gronk’s alley. And Edelman? That guy has fully unleashed since getting his bell rung. Tinder sexscapade, anyone?

Oh, and that tricky situation regarding Butler’s free Chevy truck (from Tom Brady) has finally been resolved. Stay hot, Malcolm.

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[H/t to PFT]