Tinder Girl Brags About Banging Julian Edelman



Here we go again with a girl bragging on Twitter about banging a professional athlete. Meet Sabrina and her Tinder account. She has had herself a week that includes banging Julian Edelman and changing her Tinder account to reflect that big moment in her life.

Do I blame her for bragging? Of course not. Guys brag all the time about banging hot chicks. Sabrina should be proud of her accomplishment because it’s a feather in her cap. It’s something to hang her hat on. It’s an all-timer. The guy is just coming off a trip to Disneyland for his Super Bowl performance and you banged him during the big week — brag away.

You probably remember the Tinder account that started this trend of chicks bragging about banging athletes via their Tinder accounts. That would be “Stephanie” and her alleged conquest of Odell Beckham.

Sabrina took the Tinder game to the next level and went selfie in bed. All you other jersey chasers take note. The bar has been set.

Know of a Tinder account we need to see? Let me know.