Is Indiana Tech Pole Vaulter Carly Schmidt Too Ripped?




Meet 19-year-old Carly Schmidt, a pole vaulter for NAIA powerhouse Indiana Tech. The big discussion on her Instagram account and message boards across this great nation centers on Carly’s ripped physique and whether it’s hot. Look, it’s a debate worth having because Carly openly posts abs selfies for you to analyze so have at it. She’s also a fitness bikini competitor so constructive criticism here will help her in future competitions.

As for her pole vaulting prowess, Schmidt transferred from Auburn to Indiana Tech where she’s now competing and wasted little time showing why she’s one of the best in the nation. She was named NAIA female athlete of the week in January after clearing 12-11 and automatically qualifying for the NAIA indoor national championship.

She celebrated by posting another selfie of her abs.

As for her goals in the pole vaulting game, Schmidt says on her IG account that she’s an “Olympic hopeful.”

Now let’s get to the debate over Carly and her abs infatuation. It is my professional opinion that when she isn’t flexing her abs for selfies, she’s hot. It appears that at some point she got lip injections. Not really digging that. Might want to tone that down a little bit. Maybe take a few photos where you’re not looking like you need a burger. We get it that you have abs. How about a photo of you eating a big sloppy veggie burger and a plate of sweet potato fries.

[Carly Schmidt – Instagram]

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