Damian Lillard Dunked All Over Rudy Gobert


Damian Lillard should be in the NBA All-Star game, but he’s not. And in case you didn’t know, he’s pretty damn pissed about it.

But on the plus side for everyone else, this means Dame is going into total “FU” mode to prove to the coaches, Adam Silver, and the fans that he should be in the game. What does FU mode entail, exactly? Lots of ferocious dunks. The Eiffel Tower, Rudy Gobert, knows what I’m talking about.

Screen shot 2015-02-03 at 9.31.47 PM

Impressive stuff considering Gobert is a defensive, shot-blocking monster. He actually leads the league in blocks per 48 minutes with an absurd average of 4.80!!

Should have voted him into the ASG people, now he’s just going to brutalize everything in his path.