Damian Lillard Salty After All-Star Game Snub, Calls out Adam Silver and Coaches

When Damian Lillard said he’d be pissed about not making the Western Conference All-Star team, he wasn’t joking.
The All Star reserves, handpicked by the coaches, were announced Thursday night and unfortunately for Dame he wasn’t one of the guards selected. And he doesn’t really care if the guards selected over him (James Harden, Klay Thompson, Chris Paul) were all deserving of the nod in their own right.
Yahoo Sports tried to get a reaction out of him and all he could say was, “No comment.” But then he took to Instagram and shots were fired everywhere. Coaches, Commissioner Adam Silver, the fans (!) were all on the receiving end of Dame’s heat:

The caption:

I just want to thank the coaches who feel I wasn’t good enough, the fans that didn’t think I was good enough , and Adam Silver also for not thinking I was good enough. This isn’t unfamiliar territory for me , it’s actually what my life has been inspired by. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed or that I don’t feel disrespected but it’s not too much to handle. Not the first or last guy to be snubbed. “You should have been there” isn’t good enough for me. But anyway, The reason I’m in these shoes is because I’ve always use the hand I was dealt to my advantage… A wise man once told me… ” it ain’t always gone be peaches and cream but somebody has to pay for the reason it’s not … One way or another “

Solution! We toss out Kevin Durant—and his 21 games played—and replace him with Lillard! Otherwise we’re going to have to deal with Hulk Lillard, and as a fan of a Western Conference team, I’d rather not see that go down.

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