Kayslee Collins, Playboy’s Miss February 2015, Is A Huge Chargers Fan

You likely saw your first naked Playmate long before Kayslee Collins did.
Playboy’s Miss February 2015 claims she only first saw a nude pictorial in print last spring, less than a year before she was featured in the magazine herself.
“I was raised in a religious family. I never saw Playboy pictures until I tested,” Collins said from Los Angeles last week. “It wasn’t until Kennedy Summers was named Playmate of the Year that I first opened the magazine.”
The 23-year-old Collins can be forgiven for not spending time thumbing through pictures of naked women: her careers in the fields of music, acting and modeling keep her very busy. In addition to releasing her new indie-pop music, Collins has recently appeared in commercials for G.E., Subaru and H&M.
After testing with Playboy photographer extraordinaire Josh Ryan, Collins joined the legendary ranks of naked bunnies in 2015. The beautiful blonde native of San Diego talked to Busted Coverage about her various career paths, her NFL fandom and whether she would ever record music naked.

BustedCoverage.com: You already have active music, acting and modeling careers. How do you think your appearance in Playboy will affect them? Did anyone advise you not to do Playboy?

Kayslee Collins: My personality is to do whatever feels right for me and run with it. If it’s artistically right, I’ll do it. There were some people involved in my music career that were very uncomfortable with me doing Playboy — they were worried about it ruining me as an artist — but I feel it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

The video for your song “Fearless” has an homage to Sharon Stone’s well-known interrogation scene in Basic Instinct.” What was it about that scene that made you want to use it?

When I saw that character, I fell in love with her feistiness, her sassiness. They think she killed this guy, but she needs to be fearless in that situation and she seizes control. I love those badass, making-their-own-rules sort-of chicks.

Instagram and Facebook seem to think that nudity can still shock people? What do you think?

They certainly aren’t interested in boobs, are they? I’m not trying to shock people with nudity. If you have a great body though, why not show it off?

Are you a sports fan? Which teams do you root for and why?

I’m a die-hard San Diego Chargers fan. My sister was a cheerleader for them.
(Editor’s Note: Kayslee Collins’ sister, Kamri, married A.G. Spanos – the grandson of Chargers majority owner Alex Spanos, and son of Chargers team president Dean Spanos.)

Who is your favorite player?

LaDainian (Tomlinson) was. I loved L.T. I still haven’t recovered from him going to the Jets. I was really bummed. I still watch when I can, but it’s not the same.

You live in L.A. now. Would you want the Chargers to move there, too?

I’d be excited; my family would be here more often, and L.A. really needs a team. The fans in San Diego want them to stay there, though. I’ll stay a fan either way.

Your first official day as Miss February is Super Bowl Sunday: which team do you think will win this year’s game and why?

I have no idea. I only watch when it’s my team.

Katy Perry will be the halftime entertainment at the Super Bowl. Are you a fan of hers? How would you approach that gig as a musician?

That would be a dream. I really respect Katy Perry. She has a similar background as me: a religious upbringing into a pop music career. She does her own thing. I haven’t seen her since she was on the Warped Tour. She killed it. She’ll be awesome.

Which musicians have influenced your music?

In the past, I’ve been influenced by all sorts of artists: old Motown acts, Robyn, Al Green, Katy Perry. Now I try to find music that no one else has found. I am influenced by film and old Hollywood. It was a very glamorous time.

A friend of ours from a national touring band used to record some vocal tracks naked. Have you ever recorded or written music in that way?

Whoa! That would be so much fun. It’d be difficult to do, though, unless I had an in-house studio. There are a lot of people around in the studio when I record.

He recorded with his own, uh, equipment…You are very active on social media. How has it helped your career?

People have gotten to know the real me in the last year. I’ve been able to express my personality – maybe almost too much. (Social media) helps me remain in the scene. I love that I have that outlet.

The January/February 2015 double issue of Playboy, featuring Kayslee Collins as Miss February, is on newsstands and at iPlayboy.com now.
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