Buy Kenyon Martin’s Woodland Hills Home (With Stripper Pole)—Just $1.85 Million



Now that Kenyon Martin is stuck playing for the Edens sisters in Milwaukee, I guess he doesn’t have much use for a pad in California.

According to Neal Leitereg (@NJLeitereg) of the LA Times, the former Cincinnati Bearcat has listed his home in Woodland Hills for $1.85 million—the same price he paid back in 2007. But don’t worry about Kenyon potentially taking a loss; he has accumulated close to $113 million in his 15-year NBA career.

Other than some interesting quirks, I personally think this is pretty much your run-of-the-mill Mediterranean style athlete home. Also, good luck with that summer heat (via LA Weekly):

“Woodland Hills is about is far away from the sea breeze as you can get,” he [Charles B. Pyke] told us…

Even when the sea breeze takes a U-turn at Burbank and comes back to fill the Valley, as it sometimes does, Woodland Hills misses out because it’s so far west, Pyke says.

Highlights of Kenyon’s Woodland Hills pad:

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