Drunk Seahawks Fan Screams In The Streets About Pete Carroll


The real action here gets rolling at around the :50 when you can really start to hear drunk Seahawks 12 losing his mind over how Pete Carroll and his offensive coordinator handled 2nd down from the one with :27 left.

You know it was a bad call when a drunk dude who care barely open his eyes calls you out in the middle of a street. Also, could video bro be more annoying? Didn’t think so. Everyone needs to smoke some weed and chill out. It’s going to be a long, rainy offseason.

Let’s check with Pete again to see why he threw the ball with a timeout in his pocket.


Yep, still a stupid reason. You have a big tank who can’t be stopped by New England’s line and you try to outsmart Hoodie. Fatal error that will haunt you and the drunk Seahawks guy in the street.