Hottest Seattle Seahawks Fans

In the NFL, many teams have fans. The Buffalo Bills, for example, have fans. They may not be great, they may not be terrible, but the fans will show up, cheer, and then go home and go to work the next morning.
But in Seattle, football is a passion. There has never been a fan base so reluctant to give up on a team since the Seahawks started winning a few years ago. (Before that, most of the fans weren’t even born yet)
So it comes as no shock that as the younger, more passionate fans flock to CenturyLink Field every Sunday, the hot ladies will follow. It is a fact that when a team gets really popular and uses colors outside of black and white, beautiful women will not only love them, they will find new ways to make the Seahawks gear even sexier.
This chick gets it! All we want to see is more of the dancing and less of the clothing.
Here are some of the sexiest Seattle Seahawks fans around the globe. Enjoy.

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