Hottest New England Patriots Fans

Pats Fans-6


Why do so many people hate the New England Patriots? Is it because they have a QB that has taken what little talents God has given him and turned them into a legendary career? Or is it because they have a coach that either wins or the entire season is a lost cause?

Maybe it is simply because New England has been so good for so long that the rest of the league’s fans are tired of watching them win. We think it is the last one. Shit, we are too. But it isn’t their fault for winning. It’s the NFL’s fault for not doing anything to stop it.

Why can’t any other team find a coach willing to die for a win instead of a paycheck?

The fans, well, they are just as crazy passionate about their Patriots. And when you see passion, crazy, and success all come together, you end up with a line of the hottest fans in the NFL.

How about we take a look at what the Patriots hottest fans can offer?