Mia Khalifa Recruiting 5-Star HS Cornerback Iman Marshall


It appears that BC favorite Mia Khalifa has moved on from recruiting Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller (for now) to pursue a new hot target—five-star cornerback Iman Marshall.
Marshall, a 17-year old out of Long Beach Poly, is considering Mia’s Florida State Seminoles as a potential destination so you can understand her tenacity. Add in the fact that he’s ESPN’s No. 4 college prospect in the country and I wouldn’t be shocked if we got another press conference—which is something they happened to discuss this morning:

For anyone worried that this could count as an “improper benefit,” Mia addressed that ASAP:

Boom. Problem solved.
Meanwhile, Iman’s really trying to play it cool while the Internet freaks out over his conversation with Mia.

This is pretty much a win-win for Iman, he’s either got FSU and Mia or the USC song girls and California weather.

Nice Kick, Bear Bryant Elephant
Nice Kick, Bear Bryant Elephant
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