Mia Khalifa Holds Press Conference To Discuss Braxton To Florida State

Cardale Jones is holding press conferences. Mia Khalifa is holding press conferences. Urban Meyer is on Letterman. Ohio State is holding trophies. What the hell is going on with college football? Suddenly Ohio State is the center of the universe and everyone wants a piece of the program.
Look, we all thought that Cardale was headed to the NFL. Then he came back to school. We all figure Braxton Miller is transferring. Watch him declare for the NFL.
And all is right in the world because Alabama fans are miserable and wondering how the hell all of this happened. They got worked over by Urban and now it’s Ohio State having all the fun. Porn stars are begging for quarterbacks. Ohio State guys are joking about their quarterback situation. Everyone in Ohio is just having so much fun right now.
Good times, good times.
Thing is, Ohio State fans aren’t even mad at Mia for recruiting Miller. Someone has to go, it might as well be the guy coming off a serious injury who hasn’t played in over a year. It’s not like you can take the job away from a guy who just won the national title. Cardale Jones is now the Tommy Brady of the NFL. You win titles, it’s your job to lose.

Donovan McNabb Giving Cardale Jones Advice … From A College Graduate
Donovan McNabb Giving Cardale Jones Advice … From A College Graduate
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