Kacie McDonnell vs. Aaron Murray, MMA Torn Quad (Graphic) & Meet OSU’s Danny Devan

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Super Bowl coverage all…day…long. Seven straight days of every former NFL talking head talking. Talking about balls. Talking about what it’s like to play in the Super Bowl. Talking about the same things they were talking about last year in New York. Talk…talk…talk…talk…talk. Or you can watch college basketball.


Meet Danny Devan — recent Ohio State grad

Kacie McDonnell won’t give $40k ring back to Murray?

3-boobed woman popped for DUI

Lisa has more to say about Rosenhaus filing for divorce

NSFW: MMA fighter’s torn quad (GRAPHIC)

This new street sign is going up on the OSU campus

NFL selling pic of Marshawn grabbing his junk

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Sandwich of the Day

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