Brad Ziegler Is An Absolute Square

I have no idea how or why I follow Diamondbacks relief pitcher Brad Ziegler, but I do. I also don’t know if Brad is a good or bad guy- it looks like he owns a foundation that supports our country’s servicemen and servicewomen, which seems like a very honorable thing to do. However, I noticed this tweet come across my timeline and it just made me think that Brad Ziegler must be one of the most annoying people to be around in the entire world. Check it out:

Ok there, Brad. How DARE TBS show a fucking Adam Sandler movie in which someone may casually flip the bird on Saturday? How dare they endanger the mind of your precious little child? Shut it down. Cancel the station. Fire everyone.
Honestly, one of the scariest things in our world today is the use of social media by overprotective parents. Those animals are a powerful breed and they won’t stop until they run their message right down your throat- maybe on Oprah.
The biggest threat to our society isn’t global warming, ISIS, or a god damn nuclear bomb. No-it’s the overbearing mommy or daddy with a no-quit attitude and a Twitter account. Nightmarish stuff.

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