Bill Belichick Calls Impromptu Press Conference, Talks About Balls

“I’ve spent umm a significant amount this past week umm learning as much as I could learn- more than I ever could imagine, to tell you the truth, about bladders, air gauges, stitching, pressure, game day ball preparation, rub downs, and so forth, ummmm.”
That was Bill Belichick’s opening line to his impromptu press conference, in which he attacked #deflategate head on, demonstrating the courage and defiance of a man with rock hard balls of steel. He even dropped a My Cousin Vinny reference- the stuff of true legends.
Other incredible quotes included:

But perhaps the most indelible moment from the press conference catered to that immature 5th grader that still lives inside each and everyone one of us- maybe in our balls. . As you will see in the below Vine, Belichick explains what he’s been up to over the past week, and it’s just so, so great:

So there you go. The Super Bowl is quickly approaching and all we can still talk about are deflated balls. Good God.

Mark Brunell Visibly Deflated After Tom Brady’s Presser
Mark Brunell Visibly Deflated After Tom Brady’s Presser
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