Tim Irvin Snapchats Cash After Switching Commitment from Texas to Auburn

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Tim Irvin, nephew of Michael Irvin, is a four-star safety out of Westminster Christian in Florida. He committed to the University of Texas in early January, telling ESPN:

“I figured it out this morning after talking to my parents when we were coming into the stadium,” Irvin said. “Texas is going to be the right spot for me.”

Yeah…so much for that.
A couple weeks later and Irvin has flipped the switch on Texas for Auburn after a visit in which he “felt like the coaches and players brought me in like I [Irvin] was their child,” per AL.com.
No big deal, right? You kind of expect a 19-year-old to change his mind on important decisions like what college to attend. Only one problem—Tim snapchatted himself holding a chunk of cash right after the switcheroo:
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And attempted to kill any speculation of wrongdoing by saying his family gave it to him as a graduation gift:
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I mean, it is the Irvin family after all. This isn’t exactly out of the realm of possibility. For what it’s worth, he seems super stress free about the major decision (probably because he has all that dough!).
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