By now you’ve heard all of the lessons learned from the first college football playoff. The old Bowl Series was stupid (they’d have had Alabama – Florida State in the championship). The SEC is overrated. The Big Ten is underrated. Urban is better than Saban. Defense and rushing beat up-temp spread offense. OSU has 3 QBs better than Mariota. Jerry Jones is the luckiest man on the planet.
Is there anything else to talk about? Yes. Here are 5 more lessons BC learned at the big game.
Ducks love dogs.
This is weird but true. Check out Mariota’s Grandma enjoying a corn dog just before kickoff.

And this Duck fan – who likes his circumcised with mustard.

Mark May’s a douche.
Before the game, OSU fans were uncertain about a lot. Not sure they could stop Mariota. Not sure Cardale Jones could handle the pressure. Not sure Urban had enough time to prepare for the up-tempo Oregon offense. But there was one thing they were sure about: Mark May is a douche.


AT&T Stadium is great, but the breastaurants make Dallas-Ft. Worth a destination city.

This metro region should be the site of every major sporting event in the country not because of the Jerry dome, but because of their breastaurants. The Hooters in Arlington has the hottest chicks of any Hooters in the US (and BC has seen a lot) but Hooters isn’t even the brest. That title, hands down, goes to Ojos Locos in Ft. Worth.

OSU fans are fat.

The only thing rivaling the size of the Buckeyes’ players is their fans. Seriously guys, mix in a salad.

The tailgate was better without SEC fans around to hillbilly it up.
BC had a blast at the game because the Bucks and Ducks fans were fun to party with. They were chill, funny, smart, and they didn’t try to bang their cousins when they got drunk. Thanks Bucks and Ducks for not being obnoxious. We hope to see you–rather than her–in Phoenix next year.


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