Erin Andrews & Chrissy Teigen Go To War With Jarret Stoll's Ex-Girlfriend

I knew the tweet was going to start a war when Erin Andrews figured out that Jarret Stoll’s ex, Katie Cassidy, was trashing her on Twitter over her sideline abilities during the NFC Championship game. And the odds were good that Pageviews defender Chrissy Teigen would take time out of her busy schedule to fire off a shot for Carmen Sandiego.
Cassidy and Jarret Stoll dated before he moved on to Pageviews and eventually moved in with 36 year old who is desperate for him to give her a ring. Here’s what got Pageviews fired up during one of the biggest nights of her career. The cat fight was on!

OH, IT IS ON! Charissa Thompson and Brooklyn Decker came in to return fire, too. You’re talking four highly powerful women vs. the daughter of David Cassidy. Tweet blood flying all over the place. Notice how Teigen just unloads on Cassidy while Pageviews doesn’t directly address Stoll’s ex. That’s what good soldiers do for their leader: They go to the frontline and battle.


Oh, there was return fire from Cassidy:

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BC Had More December Traffic Than & Sports Site
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