BC Had More December Traffic Than PGA.com & Tennessean.com Sports Site

Here was the blogging operation of Busted Coverage during December:
• Myself
• James, the assistant
• Weekend Guy Jake
• WTF Matt with his one WTF post through the week
• Joe Student posted the Playmate of the Month interview
That’s it. So two full-time bloggers, a blogger who’s supposed to post four times each weekend day (after I have to lecture him) and a couple posts here and there from other guys. There are guys at the Coed Media Group office in New York that keep things running, but not editorially.
Clay Travis posted the December ComScore (tracks Internet traffic) numbers on Wednesday and there are a few nuggets that I thought you guys would find interesting about BC’s operation vs. the operation of some major sports sites and networks.
BC’s December ComScore traffic was 766k unique visitors. I’m pretty sure this is U.S. traffic only. That was more traffic than:
• PGA.com 731k
• Awful Announcing 635k
• Tennessean 549k
What’s it mean?
These numbers are significant because all three sites have a major lead on BC when it comes to Twitter followers: PGA.com (211k — 324k Facebook followers); Awful (153k); Tennessean (88k for main account). The Tennessean also benefits from all of its reporters tweeting stories from multiple accounts. Add it all up and the newspaper has the firepower of 100k that can tweet sports links. You’re also talking about the dominant sports outlet in a city with the Predators, Titans and a massive college football following. How did that sports site only do 549k uniques? I have no idea, but I’m 110% positive I could’ve landed them at least 300k more uniques than that. Someone isn’t doing their job. Tennessean: Call me.
Seriously, they’re in the USA Today network where there’s traffic being shuffled amongst sites all across the U.S. That number is sad with the size of staff that’s pumping out content.
Claim: BC has higher unique traffic because of girl content
That might be true, however, Busted was originally founded as a site that was a complete 180 from the other sports sites that were operating in 2007. It was a hobby site started to have fun, appreciate hot women and help men escape from the daily grind of life and an economy that would ultimately crash. Does girl content still generate a ton of visitors? Of course. Has the number of girl posts gone down month over month? Big time. While you might’ve seen 4-5 girl posts a day in 2011, you’re now seeing one, maybe two per day.
The girl content we’re producing these days is different from years ago. Now a Florida State porn star named Mia Khalifa appears in a late October BC Q&A and goes from around 1,000 Twitter followers to 270k today. She’s now a mainstream name who has been covered by Newsweek and sites around the world.
Social media’s role in growth
It’s everything. The way sites used to grow before Twitter and Facebook traffic was to trade traffic. You give me 25k uniques, I give you 25k uniques. The goal was obvious: gain readers who liked your shit. Now it’s primarily social media with some traffic trades still thrown in. That’s why it’s pretty damn incredible what we’ve been able to do with just a couple bloggers and a relatively small social media presence compared to those we’re battling.
What’s going right? 
You guys continue to dig the shit we’ve pumped out for all these years. I have little to no access to sporting events. I don’t have a travel budget from Coed Media Group, who owns BC. I don’t have a budget to add another full-time blogger. We don’t have video guys pumping out material. We just keep working hard to find the unique material you guys love. That’s all we can do to compete with the big boys. Just out hustle them.

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