Johnny Manziel Partied With Josh Gordon In Aspen

It appears Johnny Manziel’s Aspen vacation included an old friend that he handed seen in awhile. John’s old teammate Josh Gordon made a stop in Aspen to party with the crew, leaving one to write on IG that “I think it’s safe to say Aspen will never be the same.” That’s the same Josh Gordon who was suspended to end the season for partying with Manziel. That’s the same Josh Gordon who had Browns management furious at the end of December.
Let’s just say these two partying in Aspen just a couple weeks after raising hell in Cleveland probably won’t go over well with a team that has already said the quarterback position is up in the air and Gordon is on his last legs with the team.
It seems that Manziel got my message about partying his ass off and hopefully right out of Cleveland because that place is going to wreck his career. New offensive coordinator? No thanks. No Josh Gordon when management figures out a way to get him out of town? No thanks.
You have to give Manziel credit for sticking to his guns. The guy isn’t backing down from the party scene and letting all of us come along for the ride.


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