Kate Upton Adoption, Kim DeJesus Boxing & Karl Malone Wearing Socks on Beach

Best tailgating ride in football-main


Greg Anthony arrested for …

…soliciting a prostitute in D.C. That’s right, Mr. Young Republican was popped on Friday for propositioning a prostitute while he was in town to call a college game. I expect more from a guy who supports all that’s right in this country via the Republican party. No matter your political leanings, don’t trust these morons to be the moral authority on what is best for this country. They burn you every time.

H.S. girls’ basketball coach suspended for…

…running up the score until it was 161-2. The winning coach used a full-court press the entire first half to get a 104-1 lead at halftime. Michael Anderson will sit out a few games because of the way he coached.

Numbers from @ESPNStatsInfo:

This will be 5th playoff game featuring NFL’s top scoring off. vs top scoring def. under current playoff format (since 1990) (ELIAS)