Cardale Jones Staying At Penn State, Puig Playing Duck Hunt & Bilas Stoned?

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Give me the Patriots in the late game. The Colts are like the early Jordan teams. They needed to get to the AFC Championship to taste what it’s like to get close to the Super Bowl, but they’ll lose this one before the torch is passed in 2016. Peyton is out of the picture so Brady closes down his career with multiple battles with Andy Luck. The old guy wins this one, but it’ll take 38 to win.

Something tells me the Packers go into Seattle and win. I’m not big on teams going back-to-back Super Bowls so take the points and Aaron wins outright. For some strange reason Russ has a rough day throwing a couple picks and the Pack wins on a late field goal.

Packers-Patriots Super Bowl — not too bad.

Zach Galifianakis impersonator talks about his wild life

My old friend Chris Illuminati posted an insane interview this week on a guy that stumbled into a life as a Zach Galifianakis impersonator on the Vegas Strip. Trust me, go read this one.

Numbers from @RJinVegas:

at home during Russell Wilson era have won 25 of 27 games (20-7 Against the Spread)

Jameis Phone Shopping, Kournikova Needs A Burger & Mark Davis At Hooters