Jim Harbaugh Might Have The Most Aggressive And Demented Twitter Game I’ve Ever Seen

Jim Harbaugh is an intense guy. It’s easy to see this in real life- whether he’s freaking out on a ref or one of his own players, the man only has one mode: freakout.

One look at his Twitter account confirms that Harbaugh even doesn’t downshift when he uses social media. Take a look at some of his tweets from the past few weeks and you can feel the aggression and intensity permeating through every word and punctuation mark:

Intense quote of the day

“Anything less than a man’s best effort cheats himself! Demeans him! Spoils him! Ruins him! Cheapens him! Emerson

— Coach Harbaugh (@CoachJim4UM) January 16, 2015

Announcing that he’ll be ripping apart the day like a maniacal lion tearing apart a zebra.

Attacking this day with Enthusiasm Unknown to Mankind — Coach Harbaugh (@CoachJim4UM) January 15, 2015

He fucking loves UM

Life at Michigan is Great! Great with a capital “G!”

— Coach Harbaugh (@CoachJim4UM) January 14, 2015

Follows the Pope. Power move and a half.

Now following Pope Francis @Pontifex. Go Blue! — Coach Harbaugh (@CoachJim4UM) January 8, 2015

“Knee-to-Knee.” Absolutely demented.

Doors are open at Schembechler Hall. Look forward to getting knee-to-knee with the current team. Players, stop by and say hi!

— Coach Harbaugh (@CoachJim4UM) January 2, 2015

In summary, Jim Harbaugh is just as demented on Twitter as he is in real life. This could not make me any happier.