Best Twitter Reactions To Greg Anthony Prostitute Solicitation Arrest

Greg Anthony traveled to Maryland to announce the Michigan St- Maryland Men’s basketball game. Apparently, he had other thoughts on his mind that were unrelated to analyzing basketball. Dirty thoughts.

Anthony was reportedly arrested and charged with soliciting a prostitute last night in D.C. Not unexpectedly, Twitter exploded:

Dang Greg Anthony . He was trippin

— Gary McGhee (@GmcGhee52) January 17, 2015

Damn Greg Anthony. Prostitutes tho — Romeo Travis (@RomeTrav) January 17, 2015

If I’m Greg Anthony ain’t it cheaper to just fly yo wife in?

— Corey B. (@CharleeBartlett) January 17, 2015

Wait. Greg Anthony was trying to get the hooker at 5PM? C’mon man. Just anothah Knick who can’t score. — fka ‘WFANAudio’ (@OrdioMongo) January 17, 2015

Someone should’ve told @GregAnthony50 about Tinder

— Derek Blackmon (@derekblackmon) January 17, 2015

Greg Anthony wife nice lol. But he travel too much. Don’t matter what she look like if he ain’t never there to enjoy her company — D Warren (@rushimperial) January 17, 2015

My guy Greg Anthony was getting Busy doe. Ain’t mad attcha playa

— WESLEY PIPES (@GetemWetSteph) January 17, 2015

cold world @GregAnthony50 — Sam (@_FakeSam_) January 17, 2015

Keep ya head up @GregAnthony50…and quit messing with them hoes.

— Big Bob (@BSil1) January 17, 2015

@GregAnthony50 Hang in there man. You’ll get through this. — Michael Podd (@PudstudNA) January 17, 2015

@GregAnthony50 you pimpin these hoes?

— DZY (@DZY214) January 17, 2015

  Greg, what are your thoughts?

#Swag — Greg Anthony (@GregAnthony50) December 13, 2014

pic via HHW

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