Red Bull Cliff Diving Returns To Texas In May




Is the weather miserable where you live? Can’t wait for the 16 inches of snow to melt and the weather to warm up so you can open your pool to do a couple gainers off the backyard diving board? Been thinking about a water vacation that isn’t the normal trip to the beach that tends to be boring? Officials announced this week that they’re coming back for year two of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series at Hell’s Gate Cliffs in Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas on May 30.

Men will be diving from 90 feet. Women will be jumping it at 60 feet. Speeds for the men will reach 53 mph. Competitors will have three seconds to complete complex dives before splashing into the lake.

The cool angle to 21st century cliff diving is that fans will watch from their watercraft as divers leave the ledge. You guys want new and exciting sports, well here you go. Baseball too slow and boring for you? Get some sort of boat, get down to Possum Kingdom Lake and say hello to a weekend of fun with the Red Bull crew.

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Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series schedule:

April 25 | Cartagena, COLOMBIA

May 17 | La Rochelle, FRANCE

May 30 | Possum Kingdom Lake, TX, USA

June | To Be Announced

July 18 | S. Miguel, Azores, PORTUGAL

August 15 | Mostar, BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA

September 13 | Polignano a Mare, ITALY

September 26 | Bilbao, SPAIN


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