Derek Jeter Fan Finally Got A RE2PECT Leg Tattoo

It’s January 2015. Derek Jeter’s Gatorade grand farewell commercial came out like six months ago and Drew is just getting around to getting his “RE2PECT” leg tattoo. You have to give Nike credit on this whole RE2PECT campaign they came up with. Not only did they sell a bunch of t-shirts, but they also tricked morons into becoming walking billboards to sell even more t-shirts, hats and worthless gear.
That’s a brilliant campaign and the person behind it should get a promotion.
Let’s not forget that Derek Jeter didn’t discover a cure for cancer, AIDS or defeat Ebola. He had 3,465 hits and made $265,159,364 playing for the Yankees. That’s it. Sure, there were a few World Series victories, but what does that matter in the grand scheme of life? It doesn’t.
But Yankees fans fell for Nike’s campaign hook, line and sinker. Now there are guys walking around for life featuring a hokey Nike ad on their legs and arms while Jeter cashes checks and jets off to some beach with Hannah Davis.
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Another Jeter billboard:


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