Miss Uruguay Johana Riva Garabetian Is On Miami Heat Bandwagon

Miss Uruguay Johana Riva Garabetian is in Miami preparing for the Miss Universe pageant on January 25 (8 EST, NBC) doing what pageant chicks do to get ready. She’s been busy getting some sun, doing some cardio, drinking basic amounts of water needed to survive and eating lettuce. Oh, and she’s become a Miami Heat fan since arriving, possibly not aware that LeBron now plays for the Cavs.
“Y me voy a Miami heat!!” she wrote on one of her Heat photos.
Take the politics away from the Trumpster, all men out there should be hailing this guy as a pure genius for this Miss Universe contest. He brings in a Boeing 777 full of dimes who then take insane IG photos and become superfans for a 17-22 team. GENIUS.
As for Miss Uruguay’s odds of winning the crown, she’s at 50-1; Miss USA and Miss Colombia are the big favorites.
[Johana Riva Garabetian – IG]

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