Kate Upton Tossed a Fake Proposal Picture on Instagram


Kate Upton’s attempt at playing the role of jokester backfired Thursday night.

The blonde bombshell toyed with the emotions of her fans by posting a photo on Instagram that definitely looked like a proposal from boyfriend Justin Verlander. As you can see, the faux proposal featured a decadent dessert of some sort and the options: “Yes,” “duh,” and “of course.”

As an avid baseball fan, I could totally tell it was a joke—Verlander hasn’t tossed that kind of heat since 2012. And the #justkidding kind of told the story as well. But not everyone possesses that kind of insight—or reads—so Kate had to delete the picture and explain herself on Twitter:


And that’s when Kate learned that the Internet has no time for jokes.

[kateupton- IG]

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