Buy 1988 New England Patriots Tailgating Camper—$7,900 on Craigslist

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By now you’ve probably watched “Inside the NFL’s” tour inside the madness known as the Gronkowski family tailgate. Of course, it features a massive party bus—that says “size matters”—and was apparently a dream purchase for Rob once he got to the NFL. It really doesn’t get any more Gronk than that.

For any Pats fans yearning to make their tailgating experiencing Gronk-like, check out this custom 1988 New England Patriots tailgating camper for sale for $7,900 on Craigslist. One might be able to make the argument that this camper is cooler than the Size Matters bus the Gronk Bros own as it features:

  • Patriots colors
  • Troy Brown’s number on the driver-side door
  • Richard Seymour’s number on the spare tire cover
  • Adam Vinatieri portrait
  • Jerseys of Steve Grogan and Teddy Bruschi
  • Super Bowl XXVI logo

Some other important features according to the seller:

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If you’re in Boston, you still have time to shell out the dough and ride to the Pats-Colts game in style! Sure, it’ll be a little weird to have Vinatieri on your car now that he’s a Colt, but I’m sure everyone will be too drunk to care.


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