Kayla Varner Rooting For Ohio State Sans Bryce Harper?


Kayla Varner is a soccer player at Ohio State University (formerly BYU). Oh yeah, she’s also the fiancée of MLB phenom Bryce Harper—or at least she was. As you may recall, Harper and Varner were to be married in California in early January, but according to the Washington Post, those days passed without a whimper:

There was no fairy-tale wedding last weekend for Nats slugger Bryce Harper and Ohio State soccer player Kayla Varner — because there was no wedding at all, multiple sources confirmed.

It was unclear if the nuptials, scheduled for January 2 and 3 (one ceremony was to take place at a Mormon temple), were merely postponed or canceled altogether. Multiple attempts to reach both parties were unsuccessful.

The report goes on to state that Harper and Varner’s actions on social media may lead one to believe that the two have indeed parted ways. You know, the typical adult moves like unfollowing each other on Twitter and changing bios to “uplifting” shit.

If the rumors are true, that’s a total bummer. Breakups definitely blow, so we here at BC might as well do Kayla a solid and feature a tasteful and Bryce-less gallery.

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