Kayla Varner Is Bryce Harper’s Girlfriend & BYU Soccer Player [PHOTOS]

It’s the mystery that has been haunting us throughout the 2012 MLB season. What lucky woman is fortunate enough to be dating Bryce Harper? The answer: Kayla Varner.

The game is over. As usual, Busted Coverage investigators wouldn’t rest until we had a name, Twitter account and Facebook. It just happens that the case gets solved with the Nats on the brink of elimination in the NLDS, trailing 2-1 to St. Louis.

What we know about Ms. Varner:

• Attends BYU

Sophomore on the soccer team

• From Las Vegas; went to Green Valley High School

• 2009 & 2011 Nevada High School Player of the Year

• Has played in 9 games this season

As for how sure we are that Varner & Harper are dating, we’ll let the photos speak for themselves. That sure looks like Harper & Varner at the Washington Monument back in September.

As for the bikini photos you’ll see below, the BYU student code of conduct book specifically states:

Always treat others with respect, never as an object to be used for lustful desires. Stay in areas of safety where physical feelings can easily be controlled. Do not participate in talk or activities that arouse sexual feelings.


Case solved. Update your WAG rankings accordingly.