Paralyzed Bama Fan’s Brother Rats On Him For Shoplifting Bama Clothes At Big Al’s



How many times do we need to document Bama fans stealing Bama gear before these idiots realize you won’t get away with these shoplifting incidents because too many people are on Facebook and there are too many cameras watching you steal the clothes? Look, I’ll keep posting Bama fans stealing Bama gear. It’s good for my business. I’m sure Big Al’s Merchandise in Florence, Alabama would like the thieves to stop, but this is Alabama and the losers who steal really like Bama clothes.

So here’s the story on this incident at Big Al’s that was first posted to Facebook on December 19. Big Al’s (notice how it’s HD video — take notice banks) had this great video shared 1,200 times, which was eventually seen by a guy named Jason Baskins.

He knew the identity of the guy in the wheelchair and wasted little time ratting on his paralyzed Bama fan brother.



So Daniel Baskins was outed. The woman is Sandy Baskins. We’ll assume that’s Dan’s wife, not his sister.

The shoplifting fiasco finally has a semi-conclusion, according to

The couple turned themselves in late Tuesday to Florence police. Both were charged with third-degree theft and booked into the Lauderdale County Jail, but posted bond a short time later.

Smart move. You turn yourself in, bail out and are home for New Year’s and the Sugar Bowl. This Dan Baskins guy isn’t a complete moron and alleged meth head.

Dan is already back on Facebook where you can keep track of him during the Sugar Bowl.