Bama Fan Met His Buckeye Wife 37 Years Ago At Sugar Bowl…She Was Wearing ‘Go To Hell Alabama’ Button


So here we have Bob and Gina Wilson. They met 37 years ago at the Sugar Bowl. Bob was at that game as a Bama fan. Gina was an Ohio State fan and was wearing a “Go to hell Alabama” button. Bob was in love. Three years later Bob put a ring on it.

I’ve said it for the last couple weeks, Ohio and Alabama are state cousins. They’re pretty much the same state. Both sides are completely messed up over college football. Both sides have stories like this where love just happens when a guy finds a woman who takes her college football so seriously she’ll wearing a go to hell button. Both sides will go to prison for their football franchise.

It shouldn’t shock anyone that Gina married Bob and that Bob had to marry Gina. These Ohio and Alabama marriages happen all the time. I have no idea how the two sides end up meeting (Walmart? AA gatherings?), but it happens and it’ll happen again Thursday night.

Don’t let these two states fool you. They don’t really hate each other. It’s really a mutual respect because they’re so alike. The fans know it. They’re all crazy and that’s all we can ask for in a college football playoff game.

Thank you to both Alabama and Ohio State fans. Never change.


Bob being the good brother-in-law…I would’ve told them to find their own photographer

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