Louisville's Chris Jones Got Rocked By An Aggressive Elbow. Just Kidding He Wasn't Touched And Flopped

In today’s battle in the Bluegrass state, #1 Kentucky survived against #4 Lousiville. The Wildcats held on in a low scoring affair, 58-50.
Cardinals guard Chris Jones struggled, going 3-15 from the floor and dishing out only one assist. However, Jones excelled in one area on the court today: faking his own death.
As you can clearly see, Kentucky’s Dakari Johnson makes absolutely zero contact with Jones’ face. This didn’t stop Jones from acting as if he got punched out by an MMA fighter. Embarrassing. Pathetic. Sad, even.
Former NC State star Julius Hodge had some thoughts:

We expect to see a photo of Jones’ performance to be posted to the UL Theater homepage later this evening.

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