Deion Sanders' Kids Hit Christmas Mother Lode — AGAIN

Did Deion do it again or did Deion do it again? Prime once again came through for Christmas like he has done in the past, but this year there was a small twist on how things went down for Christmas at the Deion Sanders house. You might remember Christmas 2013 when Deion went so crazy that the kids opened unwrapped boxes that were dropped in the foyer.
This year the kids got iPads and multiple pairs of Supra shoes (think an average of $129 per). Deion says that his girlfriend Tracey Edmonds sprung for the iPads (with Deion’s money?). That was the extent of the photos from Prime.
#Humble #Truth

Deion’s daughter & her new shoes


Deion’s kids got iPads from Prime Time’s girlfriend, Tracey Edmonds


Deion’s son with his new shoes


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