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Christmas At Deion Sanders’ House Seemed Subtle [PHOTOS]


It’s like exploded in his foyer. Or, as BC’s Joe Student observed, “It’s like he bought out a Sharper Image.”

Christmas at Deion Sanders’ house probably looked much different than what went down in your house. As you can see from the photos Deion provided, there were lots of unwrapped boxes, high-end gifts and no Christmas tree – that we can see.

That’s right, Deion seemed to just have the delivery dude throw the packages in the foyer and let the kids go nuts ripping open the boxes. Keep it simple, stupid.

If that house looks familiar, you probably recognize it from the post we did on Deion’s massive 29,000 sq. ft. mansion. It’s the house that has a kitchen in the master bedroom.

God is Great! (Adopt me.)

[via @DeionSanders]

Deion-Sanders-Christmas-7 Deion-Sanders-Christmas-6 Deion-Sanders-Christmas-5 Deion-Sanders-Christmas-4 Deion-Sanders-Christmas-3 Deion-Sanders-Christmas-2

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