Charles Barkley and Ernie Johnson Accidentally Exchanged GoPros

Charles Barkley
TNT’s “Inside the NBA” delivered yet another classic episode on Christmas night. Sure, Shaq and Chuck went on another tirade on how they want their big men banging in the post, but everything else beyond the analysis was brilliant. That’s pretty much how these shows usually go, but Shaq getting thrown into a tree was definitely atypical.
And while that was easily the peak moment of the night, their on-air gift exchange was also quite the segment. After Shaq was done promoting himself with “Shaqpacks,” Chuck swooped in with the triple GoPros. This was an unfortunate moment for Ernie Johnson, who went right after Barkley and revealed he got everyone the same damn thing.
(GoPro bonanza starts at 6:30):
Personally, I would have wanted a Shaqpack. As someone who almost bought shares in GoPro a couple months ago before the stock soared, I definitely would have been irrationally butthurt about receiving one.

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