Bama Fan Gets 'Roll Tide Roll' Frontal Tramp Stamp For Christmas

Some people think getting an iPad for Christmas is cool. Others think a TV is a great Christmas gift. That’s just not how certain Bama fans operate and think. They think bigger. They think outside the box. They think about gifts that will be them for the rest of their lives. In the case of Booboo0811, he thought the perfect Christmas gift to himself would be a new Roll Tide Roll frontal tramp stamp. Hey, it’s a unique gift idea.
If you guessed Booboo lived in Florida, you’d be correct. If you guessed Booboo was single, you’d be wrong. Taken. And she’s not the least bit weird looking. 
Booboo is really livin’ the life right now. Good looking girlfriend, new ink and a Bama team rolling into the Sugar Bowl and playing against the Buckeyes third stringer. Looks like the next purchase for Booboo will be national championship tickets for him and the girlfriend.
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Bama Fans Celebrating Christmas
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