Derek Jeter Partied With 30 Women Sunday Night (No Hannah Davis)

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So I guess Derek Jeter is really feeling this whole retirement thing.

Thus far, he’s set up The Players’ Tribune to give athletes a “voice” and copyeditors something to do. Oh, and he’s allegedly partying with a ton of women too. According to Page Six, Jeter rented out a restaurant in the Meatpacking District on Sunday so he could watch the Seahawks-Cardinals game with “30 model-like women”:

“Derek had a really great time partying with his guests and watching the game,” an eyewitness told us. “He was relaxed, happy and in a great mood. He mingled with the girls and was on the dance floor.”

The source added, “He didn’t seem to be with one particular girl, he was definitely having fun.”

Source really breaking some news there, folks.  A future Hall of Famer had a grand time drinking and partying with beautiful women? That’s unheard of!

The real burning question here is: Where was Hannah Davis? Does Jetes need a reminder of how hot she is? He probably doesn’t, but here is one anyway.