Dan Uggla’s Mustache Dominated Gatsby Party At His House



Dan Uggla and his wife Janet threw a Gatsby-themed party Wednesday night for Lindsey Hermida, the wife of former MLB journeyman Jeremy Hermida. It was Lindsey’s birthday and a good reason to throw a party where Dan could show off the slick ‘stache he’s had time to work on since being released by the Giants in August after refusing a Triple-A demotion.

So…last night was a good chance for extremely wealthy baseball bros to get together and wax about their amazing lives.

The players:

Dan: Bow tie, mustache

Janet Uggla: White fur, really dark hair

Freddie Freeman: The tall goofy guy who was just paid a fortune by the Braves

Chelsea Freeman: The bikini model who just recently married into Freddie’s fortune

The Hermidas:



I have no idea who the rest of these people are. Atlanta baseball junkies might recognize a few faces. From the look of things, you aren’t getting into this Gatsby party unless you’ve made a million+ in Major League Baseball.

The rich being rich on a Wednesday night. Must be nice.