2014’s Hottest UFC Ring Girls

Brittney Palmer 6

The UFC was once the king of sports entertainment. Just like professional wrestling was in the 90’s, the UFC was from 2006 – 2010. The numbers have since took a dive but are working themselves back up ever so slowly.

On average, the number of Pay-Per-View buys in 2009 was over 615,000 per event. But in 2011, that number dropped to 400,000. That isn’t a slow fall, that is a cliff dive.

But what do you expect when people get tired of watching the same fighters win, time and time again. Yes, dominance is fun for a little bit but no one wants to see Anderson Silva beat every single son of a bitch that steps in the octagon. He has to eventually lose. (He lost due to injury, that does not count)

How do you increase ratings? Women. Beautiful women that roam the ring side, also known as the UFC Ring Girls, and carry around the most pointless of round signs in history of anything.

The surely are fun to look at though, right?