Darnell Dockett Blasts Waitress For Complaining About $3 Tip


Darnell Dockett may be out for the season, but that hasn’t stopped the guy from being a Twitter MVP over the past couple of weeks. On the heels of live-tweeting jury duty, Dockett is now dishing out a reality check to some waitress wining about a tip the star defensive end left her.

As you can see from the image below, Dockett somehow caught wind of a disgruntled Facebook post left by his waitress and called her an “ungrateful f—er”:



Before you get all up in arms about Dockett stiffing some hardworking girl out of a decent tip, he claims the bill was only $9:



You don’t need prior work experience as a waiter/waitress to know that’s a pretty decent number for such a low bill. Most people would be super cheap and give a 15 percent tip (around $1) so she should be happy about getting over the 30 percent threshold. #FormerRestaurantWorkerFacts

[Twitter- ddockett]

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