Chris Gonos Apologizes To Johnny Manziel For Fight



It’s good to see Chris Gonos — the felon who approached Johnny Manziel at The 9 (where Johnny lives) — step up and apologize for causing a fight that caused national headlines and unneeded attention during John’s ascension to the starting job. Gonos dropped this apology late last night as Johnny prepares for the biggest game of his life against the hated Bengals and evil Marvin Lewis.

Actually, this is the biggest cop-out I’ve ever seen. Let’s not forget what Gonos said about the QB situation just a few weeks ago when Hoyer was rolling and thumped the Bengals on the road. He dropped this the day after that game.



That’s nothing like what Chris said back in the summer.



Either you hate the guy and want to cause a situation in a Cleveland hotel/apartment lobby or you want to be the guy’s biggest supporter. You can’t drop some bullshit apology and kiss Johnny’s ass about being a true professional on and off the field.

Give Gonos a couple weeks. He’ll probably change his mind.


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