Yasiel Puig's Girlfriend

Meet Andrea de la Torre. That’s Yasiel Puig’s girlfriend. Or, from what you might hear on the streets, one of Yasiel’s girlfriends. The thing that stands out about de la Torre’s relationship with baseball’s most interesting man is that she accompanied Puig on the recent MLB player trip to Japan and was on his arm at his recent 24th birthday party. At this moment it seems like Andrea might be Puig’s #1 slam piece.
We’ve been looking for an interesting character from the world of baseball since Jeter retired and the fun steroids-era meatheads started to fade away. Mike Trout can be interesting for one or two nights during the offseason. Chipper Jones has sorta settled down and is getting married in 2015. Roger Clemens has quieted down. ARod is getting serious about baseball and has stopped going to football games. Who am I missing? Verlander? He peaked with the leaked photos. Giancarlo can be interesting when he’s signing a massive contract and then he goes back into hiding.
Baseball needs Puig and slam pieces showing up on sites like BC. We need de la Torre to be the queen of a new era of baseball WAGs who’ll still party and be interesting. The sport needs new storylines like Yasiel having an entire corral of hot chicks on his arms. Big money…women…chains…booze…parties. We NEED those stories from baseball.
So what do we know about de la Torre? Hardly anything, and that’s not a bad thing. Blank canvas. Puig posted the above photo on Tuesday and soon deleted it. Why? Probably because one of his other slam pieces got mad.
[Yasiel Puig – IG]

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