Golden Tate Seems To Think Russell Wilson Stole Joseph Fauria’s Girlfriend



The Erika Ann Hammond-Russell Wilson-Joseph Fauria love triangle took a weird turn Monday night when Golden Tate, Wilson’s former teammate, stepped in to give his opinion of this stealing a girlfriend story. Tate, now Fauria’s teammate, seemed to stand up for his buddy and say Wilson did steal¬†Erika Ann Hammond. This is exactly what the Detroit Lions need while trying to win a wild card spot.

The tweet:



You might remember that there is a rumor that Tate slept with Wilson’s wife, Ashton Meem, which probably led to their divorce. It’s interesting that Tate, after his girlfriend went off on rumormongers, would interject himself in the Fauria-Wilson drama. What does he have to gain here? What we can say for sure now is that members of the Lions 100% believe Russell Wilson stole Fauria’s girlfriend. That’s now on the books.

@ErikaAnnHammond has remained silent on all of this.

Best of Erika Ann Hammond:

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